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August 2016
text: Which LED Lighting Astrological Audi Is for You?
What’s on your mind when you hear about astrological signs? What if each type of Audi car belongs to a zodiac sign and there ...
August 2016
text: Are LED High Bay Enterprises High Tech?
A few years ago, the Guangdong NPC member proposed that the government subsidy shall be used to support the research and deve...
All the rest of my reading year is booked up with reads to review and ARCS, so I'm trying to match up some of them to the Hal...
text: Is Government Support Good for LED High Bay Companies?
In the report of National Audit Office in 2014, several led high baycompanies had swindled government subsidies for more than...
August 2016
text: Is the LED Area Light in Your Office Comforting to the Eye?
A colleague in New York office started a vote through company chatting software in choosing bright or gentle light. Different...
August 2016
text: US Still Being the Main Chinese LED High Bay Exporting Country
So far, America is still the main Chinese LED Lights exporting country with the highest exporting volume. On one hand, the co...
August 2016
text: Chinese LED High Bay Exported to North America
From the global pattern of LED market, we can see that the LED Lightingand LED display production market is the biggest in Ch...
text: The Guidance for LED Lighting in the 13th Five Year Plan
Recently, in order to implement the layout of 13th Five Year Plan and Made in China 2025, the Department of National Industry...
August 2016
text: The Chinese Mi Intelligent LED Table Lamps
The Mi intelligent LED Lighting table lamps is simple in shape. With a white color design that can match all, this lamp can b...
text: Hangzhou Metro Line 2 LED Lights for Lighting and Decoration
With the development of subway LED Lighting application, the standards for subways is also getting higher. It has extended fr...
August 2016
text: http://www.elitesemicon.com/product/led-high-bay.asp
Stability and Reliability is the most important performance for engineering LED products. Without reliability, no matter how ...
August 2016
text: The LED Tunnel Light in China Subway
With more than 50% market share, LED Lighting shares the biggest part in domestic subway system with the most complete produc...
text: LED High Bay Sellers in Chinese Amazon Website
The nine big overseas sites in Amazon “Global Store” business are now open to Chinese sellers in 2015. Chinese sellers can se...
August 2016
text: The Latest Foreign Trade Import and Export Data of LED Lamps
The foreign trade import and export data published by General Administration of Customs in July 13th shows that the total imp...
text: LED Outdoor Lighting Industry Shall Improve the Whole System
The whole LED Lighting industry is not willing to improve and complete the outdoor lighting application system like the commu...