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LED Outdoor Lighting Industry Shall Improve the Whole System

The whole LED Lighting industry is not willing to improve and complete the outdoor lighting application system like the communication industry does.

The LED Lights industry has been used to leave the problems of SPD to drivers companies; while due to the considerations of saving cost, some driver companies even started to produce SPD by themselves. Having no idea what standards and experiments are needed in the lightning protection industry, how dare them make SPDs without any safety guarantee? So far many led lamps manufacturers in LED lighting industry are still asking me, why I make it sound so wrong when everyone is doing it.

LED outdoor light fixtures enterprises and Huawei Technology are both the terminal suppliers. There is no need to mention how great Huawei is in communication industry. So far, the lightning protection technology standard is the best standard I’ve seen, and it’s even superior to these in Japan, US and Germany.

The signal and surge protection devices in lightning protection industry are the products that can really make money and reach large amount orders. Being working in the LED lighting industry for three years, it is clear that the market pattern of domestic outdoor lighting has been set.




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