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The Chinese Mi Intelligent LED Table Lamps


The Mi intelligent LED Lighting table lamps is simple in shape. With a white color design that can match all, this lamp can be seen as a decoration even if not using it. The lamp is slim in appearance with the cylinder lamp holder, and the lamp holder is the same length as the lamp part.

The LED table lamp can be controlled through mobile App. It requires the mobile phone and the table lamp together in a same Wi-Fi environment to be connected. In the App you can turn on and off and control the color temperature and brightness of the lamps. There are four modes you can set for the led lamps, including concentration mode, reading mode, computer mode and children mode.

All the modes in the App are for reference. Manual control of brightness and color temperature is more direct for you to choose which lighting environment is more comfortable and suitable.

For female the appearance of the table lamps is always the first choice, then comes after the function. This intelligent LED table lamp is recommended, both for its easily controllable color temperature and reasonable price.



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