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Stability and Reliability is the most important performance for engineering LED products. Without reliability, no matter how many functions it has or how high the technical standards are, it is useless for the product.

In order to guarantee the reliability, the light sources of led tunnel light are original imported chips which are of high light efficiency, long life span, good stability and high reliability. The lamp housing is equipped with quality LED Lighting sink material so that it can be antioxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-electromagnetic interference. In the part of quality control, production and factory acceptance tests are strictly conducted in compliance with national standard to guarantee the safety and reliability of products.

What’s worth mentioning is, the subway lighting is a niche market which has complicated application environment and strict technical standards. Most part of the projects went through several modifications before being accepted.

The LED Lights applied in subway offer not only functional lighting, but also relate many other subjects such as light, machinery, electricity, material, biological health and art design. In order to invent led lampsthat can satisfy lighting demand in subway, investments have been made in the fields of optical design, heat sink, intelligent control and micro-electronics.


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