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US Still Being the Main Chinese LED High Bay Exporting Country

So far, America is still the main Chinese LED Lights exporting country with the highest exporting volume. On one hand, the cost performance ofled high bay products in recent years is constantly improving, and both the popularization speed and demand in American LED Lighting market are increasing fast; on the other hand, the American market is high in market consumption level and thus it is less sensitive for the prices of LED lights products.

It is estimated in the report of US Department of Energy that the total volume of US lighting market will reach 25.1 billion dollars in 2016. As the largest overseas market for Chinese enterprises, the US market is comparable to the European market. Among all the led lamps products imported to America, 70.5% which totals 420 million dollars of them are from China. Two thirds of Americans have consumed LED lighting products.

Since the North American market is less sensitive at prices, it also allows for more revenue. At the same time, the higher the profit is, the more fierce the competition. Since the sales channels are not quite obvious, former market players can still enjoy more profit from traditional channels.




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