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Does LED Outdoor Lighting Have Lightning Protection

For LED street light lightning protection, my opinion is that the industry is aware of it, but the job is not done well. The LED outdoor lighting is not well protected from lightning, but the industry resist us lightning industry on mentioning it. So why the qualified SPD is not made yet in LED Lighting industry?

The first reason is the whole LED lightning industry lacks the knowledge of lightning protection.

For outdoor LED Lights drivers, the lightning protection function is an important factor in its performance. The lightning protection can be divided into outside and inside protection. Common outdoor lighting fixtures don’t need inside protection since there is no interior circuit. While for LED lighting industry, a driver is needed. So when led lampsare applied in outdoor area, both outside and inside (SPD) is needed for terminal protection.

At current stage, neither lighting industry nor LED industry is professional in lightning protection. However it costs too much if the lightning protection standard is used in outdoor LED lighting industry.




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