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LED High Bay Sellers in Chinese Amazon Website

The nine big overseas sites in Amazon “Global Store” business are now open to Chinese sellers in 2015. Chinese sellers can sell products to 285 million active subscribe users in Amazon. This is a huge market, how can we LED Lights market not grasp the great opportunity?

Some young talents in e-commerce told me that the wild growth period for domestic e-commerce has passed away. The next focuses could be brand, pattern and prices. So how can we stand out conspicuously? Can cross-board e-commerce be a turning point and B2C a beautiful view for LED Lightingenterprises? Overseas manufacturers are now playing in the stage of Jack Ma’s website Tianmao, so can domestic manufacturers also reach out to Amazon?

Amazon launched the “Global Store” Chinese website on November, 2015. The Chinese version website can remove language obstacles for manufacturers and make it more convenient for them to open global exporting stores. In the future, our led lamps sellers can utilize the global logistic service and the 123 operation international centers built up by Amazon.

We all know that we can make our own domestic led high bay lightingbrands and also “intelligent products”, but we are lacking international famous brands and channels.




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