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The Guidance for LED Lighting in the 13th Five Year Plan

Recently, in order to implement the layout of 13th Five Year Plan and Made in China 2025, the Department of National Industry and Information has published the Light Industry Development Plan to guide the way for light industry innovation and development in the coming five years. As one of the light industry, what’s the guidance meaning for LED Lighting and appliances industry?

As one of the key part in green and transformation industry, led lampsand appliances industry is playing an important part in clean production, green transformation. The plan has stipulated the key industries clean production implementation plan for batteries, LED Lights and appliances.

The plan has stipulated key industry technical transformation projects which includes led high bay new material application and improvement on intelligent lighting system. The mechanics improving projects include LED tube light automation and LED panel light automation equipment. It can be forecasted that the intelligent lighting might become an important polar and an important opportunity for lighting enterprises.





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