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Hangzhou Metro Line 2 LED Lights for Lighting and Decoration

With the development of subway LED Lighting application, the standards for subways is also getting higher. It has extended from the basic comfortable and reliable standard to the level of scenic, appearance design and decoration. In the Hangzhou Subway project, LED Lights are used to represent the beautiful scenes of West Lake; In Shenzhen Metro, LED strip lights are used to create the light art combining dynamic and static scenes. The goal is to improve the lighting experience in the environment through technology. This human-oriented goal is not only the pursuit on led tunnel light, but also the pursuit for all LED lighting products.

led lamps have incomparable advantages over traditional lamps in the aspects of energy-saving, stability, durability and smart control. The anti-knock character of LED tunnel light is very suitable for subway operation environment. However in current subway network, most lights are traditional type and only a few lines are using LED lighting. The market potential for LED tunnel light in subway is huge.

Adhering the corporate mission of “light up a green world”, the LED lights enterprises will create a more comfortable lighting environment for subway transportation.




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