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The LED Tunnel Light in China Subway


With more than 50% market share, LED Lighting shares the biggest part in domestic subway system with the most complete product range. LED garage light is leading subway lighting due to the accumulation in LED lighting field.

The first application of led tunnel light developed by LED lighting company was a big hit. The Jiangxi highway was listed as a demonstration project in energy saving and emission reduction by Ministry of Communications. The project has been running for nearly ten years and is still remaining stable and reliable. Since then LED tunnel lights are widely used in more than 500 tunnels in 20 provinces in China. With no failure, LED tunnel light has become a good example in LED lighting application.

The LED tunnel lights entered subway LED lighting with rich former experience in transportation. In 2010, Sansi led lamps was applied for lighting in Shenzhen Metro Line 2. Without obvious decay and zero failure in light source, the led tunnel light has made a record in the past 6 years. The Shenzhen Metro Line 2 is the first in China and in the world to apply LED Lights only in metro lines. It was awarded with the Great Chinese LED Lights Application Project Award, the highest award in the industry. It has set a good example for the future Subway LED lighting market.


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