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The Numerous Possibilities for LED Lighting without Standards

The advantages and applications are known by many since the appearance of led light source. There are new products like landscape smart lighting, display system (the future OLED will shock the TV industry again), lighting in numerous types and shapes and all the predictable intelligent lighting technology. Numerous possibilities and functions can be seen in lighting field from the application of per demand to intelligent lighting. The space for imagination is too large to find a practical one in the numerous possibilities. So the industry is crawling slowly in the controlling field.

Many LED Lighting insiders are making researches on single LED products. They often neglect the side functions of lamps other than lighting.

There is a type of electric fan pendant lamp. The led lamps are recognized by consumers, and the only problem is fan can’t replace air conditioner. The multifunctional LED Lights are widely applied in European and American countries. A HK invested enterprise in Huizhou, Guangdong has made the highest annual revenue of nearly 1 billion yuan by producing specialized multifunctional light fixtures. Combining existing technology and the lamp, and maybe a revolutionary product can be created! Researchers and developers, it’s worthy for you to dig into it.





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