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Outdated LED Lights Innovation Conception


The old concept of replacing traditional light with LED Lights can no longer represent the true value of LED. Since 2005, many researchers are simply focusing on “how to replace the light source of the old generation”. The first impression of a sample “corn lamp” was irritating enough, but now there is even LED “filament lamp” and many people is into such thing!

Due to customers’ application habits and installation, the initial stage of LED Lighting is undoubtedly the “replacement age”. But there shall be an extension for replacement. The leading brands of led lamps are all seeking breakthroughs even on the appearance. Glare is a big taboo in lighting, so what on earth is the purpose of creating such filament lamp which generates more glare.

Products produced under such outdated concepts are everywhere. Without any innovation, they simply take the lampshade or cover of traditional lamps and push led light source and driver in to call it an innovative product! It’s understandable for a single person to do this. But now 50% of the developers in the industry are doing this and 30% of them are simple following the trend.




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