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Traditional Channel and E-commerce Platform Shall Be Combined

At current stage, traditional marketing channels still seem to be irreplaceable. E-commerce platform has brought opportunities for many enterprises to rebirth and re-shine. For LED Lighting enterprises, they should embrace e-commerce on the basis of traditional operation model and make it serve them. They can establish good reputation through good quality LED Lights products and services among consumer group. The e-commerce is still far from replacing traditional channels, so the most reasonable way is to combine traditional sales model and e-commerce.

Now the real pain for lighting enterprises to operate in the e-commerce platform is the excessively high operation cost. The e-commerce platform has led to transparent pricing of light fixtures. Most lighting enterprises has spent their time and energy on the “battle of price” rather than on brand and quality. led high bay lighting enterprises shall make innovations while maintaining the quality of led lamps. The combining of traditional sales channel and e-commerce platform is the path for the future.

The current e-commerce platform is still in a bottleneck stage. The lighting industry may gain new opportunities in this new business model combining e-commerce and industrial entity.  




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