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Night Reading LED Lights Guard You to Sleep


It’s easier to fall asleep if you read before you go to sleep, and it’s more meaningful than playing with your mobile phone. Creating a warm and comfortable bed reading area with LED Lights is important for atmosphere building. You can use pendant lamp, desk lamp or wall lamps to light.

1 Pendant Lamp

One of the advantages of pendant lamp is it saves the space on the bedside table. The other is the special beauty to the eye. The streamline, light and pendant pattern looks just proudly lonely and beautiful. Specific LED Lighting area is created with the lamp shining from upon. Without the restriction of lampshade, the lighting area of led area light won’t be limited.

2 Table Lamp

Table lamps are the most generally used led lamps. Standing firmly on the bedside table, it looks stable. A simple shaped table lamp covered with cloth lampshade can lower the brightness and create a hazy atmosphere.

3 Wall Lamp

The advantages of wall lamp are small size and flexible. It also saves the space on bedside table. Pure and light colored wall lamp is a plus for a simple and elegant bedroom since it’s not eye-catching but fit perfectly well into the atmosphere.




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