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The LED Development Trail V.S. Alliance between Didi and Uber

What is the push behind the alliance between Didi and Uber?

The market research report shows that the market share of Didi orders in the first quarter of 2016 reached 85.3% which ranks the first. Number second to number fourth are respectively Uber, Yidao and Shenzhou.

After the merger between these two leading companies in the industry, the market pattern will be changed largely and the oligarchy competition will be more intense. Actually, both parts can gain from it.

This pattern is much similar with the development trail of LED Lightsindustry. Both the LED Lighting industry and online taxi-booking industry are new emerging industry. The online enterprises start later but develop faster. The pattern of online taxi-booking market is almost built till now, and the market pattern of led high bay industry is also getting clear.

In recent years, the integration and merger in led lamps industry is speeding up. The acquisition in recent years is essentially the alliance between giants. They build their own industry chain and market position through capital operation to gain competitive advantage and get rid of other competitors.

In the new business era capital is used as chips and the key is to build alliance between giants. 




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