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The Fragmented Understanding of Intelligence for LED High Bay Industry


The real intelligent led high bay products must be simple. The real intelligence is almost invisible. The specialized smart lighting in LED Lights industry has a very optimistic future.

The current situation is that the understanding of intelligent LED Lighting is still fragmented. Now there are mainly two types of intelligent lighting products in the market. One is the single intelligent led lamps products which connects the internet through wireless telecommunication and are controlled through mobile APPs. The consumption threshold for these products is fairly low but most of them can’t go far. The other is systematic product. This type of product is wire or wireless connected and controlled through scenario switches or sensors. Mobile APPs can also be used as a sub-control. Due to its large system and complicated installation and modification, the threshold of this type is much higher.

So far neither intelligent single product nor systematic led high bay lighting product is really popularized yet. The reason is the fragmented understanding of the industry on intelligent lighting. The industry hasn’t really figured out what problems intelligent lighting can solve for customers and what intelligent method can be used to solve problems.




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