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The LED High Bay New and High-tech Enterprise


A few years ago, the Guangdong NPC member proposed that the government subsidy shall be used to support the research and development rather than the promotion of LED Lights products in led high bay enterprises. “Leave the promotion to the market and the market will make a choice. It always will.” The NPC member said.

For some LED high bay enterprises, they shall change their own attitude. No matter how important government subsidy can be, the core of corporate development lies on the product. The LED Lighting industry itself is a new and high-tech industry. Since it started late in our country, there is basically no technology accumulation. If the enterprises only stimulate the industry with expansion and promotion rather than making continuous improvement to the essence technology, then the enterprise will be as vulnerable as flowers growing up in a green house. Therefore, for industries with technologies such as led lamps, the only way to conquer difficulties in LED lights industry is to march forward gradually in the aspects of product technology and application innovation.

The growing emphasis on environment and energy-saving can greatly promote the whole industry. This is a good era for LED. As long as the company can really work on product on a firm footing, it can certainly enjoy a sound development.




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