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The COB Fluorescent Ceramic Chips for LED Lighting

The Chinese LED industry has entered the age of large power lighting. Together with the industrial platform, the Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter has invented the world’s leading core technology of COB fluorescent ceramics encapsulation. This COB chips has filled in the blank in LED outdoor lighting and can be applied in areas like squares, ports and airports. With an energy saving rate at around 70%, the chip can also greatly reduce the carbon emission volume and maintenance cost. This technology has gained appreciation from national engineering projects and even been applied in the stadium lighting for the 2018 Winter Olympic training.

Focusing on the hot spot of large power LED Lights competing among international and domestic enterprises, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has found a new path. To find a breakthrough from the origin of material, the new type of encapsulation material has been invented basing on the outstanding laser ceramic technology.

This is a revolutionary breakthrough in LED Lighting industry. The competitiveness of led high bay lighting in international market has been greatly improved.





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