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The Application of LED Area Light in Plants Lighting

The competition in lighting market is getting more intense and the environment issues are more outstanding. In this background, plants lighting is now becoming a direction for LED development. Many LED Lights manufacturers are working on LED plants lighting business.

Generally speaking, most light sources used in traditional cultivation are incandescent lights, high pressure sodium lamps and fluorescent lamps. With many unnecessary wave lengths in spectrum, these lights don’t have much effect for the growth of plants. As the fourth generation of lighting source, led area light has a bright future.

According to information, the global production value of led lamps application in plants lighting has grown rapidly since 2013. As a new market, plants lighting has attracted many international giants.

Comparing with these in overseas market, the domestic enterprises are not active in developing plants lighting market. The issues of lacking integrated talents, high investment, lacking patents and low production rate are difficulties faced by all of the domestic enterprises. All of these factors have resulted in the lagging behind of international LED Lighting market and the low penetration rate in domestic market.


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