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Different LED High Bay Mobile Marketing Positions Such As Tencent

Searching is for finding led high bay products and ranking is made through price competition, this is how it is for surviving and making profit in Alibaba system.

But it’s different in Tencent. The online retailers are ranked according to their LED Lights brands and each one of them can own a brand area for themselves to find their potential customers.

If what Jack Ma built was a forest system of competition, then what Pony Ma built was a brand oriented ecosystem where everyone can have own brand area. In Tencent market customers can find the company through scanning Wechat, know the company and communicate with it. Thus the customers can become long term clients of the company. While in Alibaba, none of the fans in the on the online retailing store is yours. They all eventually belong to Alibaba.

The competition goes on. But once we have the customers with us, we can all calm down and focusing on making better led lamp products. We shall win the competition with innovation and quality rather than prices. It is against the economic rule to compete when there is no revenue for a product.

Last but not least, we hope every lamp retailer can have their own mobile retail position.





Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=1034