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Off-season Marketing For LED High Bay

The LED Lights market in nowadays is no longer in the age when big fish eat little fish, but in the age where faster fish eat the slower fish. Whoever catches the opportunities in off-market will be the winner in busy season. Most led high bay manufacturers or sales person often take the strategy of “wait-and-see”. They try to cut business trip to reduce cost. The market is operated naturally in a nearly stalled “dormancy period”. But some LED lamp enterprises use reverse thinking and do exactly the opposite. By making new strategies for off-season marketing, the companies can adjust and optimize their strategies and thus set solid foundation for busy season marketing.

1. Key customers following and maintenance. The goal of developing LED Lighting customer in off-season is not for increasing sales volume, but to improve the brand awareness and increase communication with end clients. It can also grab more channel resources and build stronger will for strategic cooperation.


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