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Selling LED Garage Light to Japanese Customers

The striving to excellence work style of Japanese people is always praised. In Japan, LED Lights consumers are very picky. Therefore LED Lighting enterprises tend to produce special LED garage light products to satisfy the Japanese customers. Every detail of the products is exquisite. When you interact with Japanese customers, you can feel their extreme pursuit of perfection for LED lighting products.

“From drawings to sampling (normally 2 – 5 times for a lamp ), and from making order to finished product, the whole time can take several months to about one year. The strictness and caution Japanese have towards details is also admirable, such as how strong a screw should be twisted, how neat should the label be like, how environmental friendly the material is and even how compact the product is.” LED manufacturer described them vividly in the interview, “So if you are doing business with Japanese, you must strictly control the quality of lamps. Their first focus is quality, then service, and price comes last.” 


Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=990