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The Brand Cover Phenomenon in LED Area Light Market


The market activeness can attract customers’ attention more easily than price. Low price led area light products are often silent in the market, while high price products are often active.

There is a particular phenomenon in the end market: those best-sellingLED Lights are often not those with the lowest price, or those with highest brand awareness, but rather the lamp s that are most active in the market.

There is “similar brands” phenomenon in LED Lighting end market, which means the brands display in the terminal market can generally gain market recognition. There is also “brand cover” phenomenon, which means the commercial brand will “cover” the brand of manufacturer. That is to say, as long as the terminal is recognized, then consumers will accept it too.

In the LED lighting terminal market, there are abundant LED lights product with generally high brand recognition. Therefore, the one who act more active will be more attractive to customers. The attention from customer is one of the key reasons for customer purchase.

Under the real business ecosystem in China, to attract attention costs.


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