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What Need to Be Done Before Installing LED Flood Light


1. The choosing of the right LED flood light . The shape and color should be in the same tone with the room atmosphere.

2. The restroom and kitchen are often wet and damp, insulation work must be guaranteed to avoid short circuit.

3. The installation of all kinds of LED Lighting fixtures shall follow the instructions for related light fixture.

4. When installing concealed wire in the ceiling or roof board, the wire should be protected with flame resistant sleeves.

5. It is suggested that the lighting system shall be adjustable. When the light is too bright or dim, it can be adjusted to create a more comfortable and free living environment.

6. Table lamp s are for local lighting on the desk or working table.

7. The light and bulbs in gardens are often applied in parks and combined with the effect of garden architecture. It shall be decorative both in the day and at night.

8. The floor lamps are also for local lighting, being placed near the sofa or tea table. 




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