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The Big Bang of LED High Bay Products Big Data

Take the plane as an example; the digital design process of plane is the process of massive data explosion. If led high bay is to digitalize all the process, manufacturing technique and experiment process, at least 2T of data will be included which is only an early plane of 30 tons. Now the big planes in our country have reached 200 tons. With the complicated avionics, electromechanical and software system, the bytes of data can reach the level of multiple Ts. The most complicated product in the world is aircraft carrier, which is of 100,000 tons. How many product data will there be if it is all digitalized? That will be an astronomical number, which is exactly the charm of product big data. LED Lighting smart manufacturing should make it clear on big data as well.

Therefore, LED Lights product big data management has become a required option for LED lighting enterprises. The paper drawings, process card and paper documentation in the past has to remain in the past, now this is the smart era. Enterprises must face the digitalized lamp s data. Otherwise, they will be easily fazed out in the future data economy market. 


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