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LED Flood Light Can Help Hens to Lay More Eggs?

The cold light source of LED flood light plus good cooling system can make hens emotionally more stable and easier to feed. In all the light colors, red light can stimulate hens to lay more eggs, green light can increase the size of eggs, and single light source can increase survival rate of pullets. So theoretically it can help hens to lay more eggs and make eggs taste better.

It is certainly a new thing and new idea to raise chicken using LED Lights in chicken farm, but how to apply LED Lighting in poultry farm appropriately? This is worth of research and discussion.

It should be known that poultry industry is generally conservative and it has to take some time for it to accept LED technology. While now the poultry industry has totally embraced LED light fixture and the energy saving effect that comes along. In the past few years, the more advanced LED technology has gradually satisfied the lighting demand of poultry industry.  


Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com