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Confirming LED High Bay Purchasing Demand

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Confirming the purchasing demand for led high bay is prerequisite for enterprises. To make specific analysis of purchasing demand is the first step of implementing purchasing strategy and the most crucial step. LED Lighting enterprise has hundreds of suppliers in the world. Only by being aware of product supply status, market status and supplier status can the purchasing work be done targeted. New purchase development process is proposed basing on the global supply chain basis. Different product purchasing managers are responsible for the purchase development strategy of different LED Lights material types.

The lighting company will use the new purchasing process to make a complete evaluate of existing business. Once the improvement goal is set, the supply conditions for suppliers of each lamp material will be set up. After the analysis of quotation, quality and inventory, the conclusion of in which area should the product be purchased and where it should be provided to will be finally made. This is a complete analysis basing on the fact rather than going about several tasks at a time. Thus the purchasing will be more targeted and efficient. 


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