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The Countermeasure of Process Reconstruction of LED Flood Light Purchasing

— feeling frankenstein

A domestic LED flood light supplier spent almost a year and half in passing the purchasing standard review. During this period, LED Lightingcompany cannot purchase from this supplier. Since the price from this supplier is 20% lower than that of existing supplier, if the purchasing volume in one year and half is eight million dollars, then the company has a loss of 1.6 million dollars.

At the same time, suppliers would easily loss patience in cooperation with the company. Since finding new LED Lights suppliers takes a long time and doesn’t turn out so well, many times the regional purchasing groups will hold competing purchasing among the existing suppliers. Losing of exterior valuable information will lead to a dead circuit, and old suppliers will grow lazy.

Too complicated purchasing procedures will lower the efficiency of lighting enterprises and miss good purchasing opportunities. So, the company shall improve and simplify purchasing process to improve purchasing efficiency and stay competitive in purchasing area. http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=929

Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=929