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The Major Process of Global LED Area Light Purchase

From sending out led area light purchasing information to making a decision, it will take about eight weeks. This tiny bit long period is forLED Lights purchasing groups in different areas of the globe to find suitable material provider. The company didn’t have LED area light related supplier data base, so when there are purchasing demand, the purchasing group need to find new suppliers according to the basic purchasing demand. At the same time, existing suppliers need to be maintained. This is why it may take a rather long time in this period.

From choosing bidders to start purchasing, the headquarter of the LED Lighting company will analysis the total supply cost for every international supplier in each area in 14 weeks. After that, the supporting department in each area will review the purchasing standards, quality system and logistic system for the suppliers. However, suppliers with the lowest price especially those lamp s suppliers in China are not satisfying in the reviews, so more time, labor and material are spent in this part. 


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