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The Layout of Philips and Cisco in Office Building LED Flood Light lighting

This cooperation is really worth mentioning. Last December, Philips and Cisco decided to integrate the LED flood light connecting lighting system in Philips and the IT internet in Cisco. Different from the three parties of GE, Apple and Qualcomm working together in smart home, Philips and Cisco first focus on commercial LED Lighting market.

Take a closer look and apparently the complementary values can be found:

The first is new service made available by this lighting network through tunnel of information. This is equivalent to values added to the functions of lighting.

Secondly, Cisco is actively promoting its internet of things platform just like Google and Microsoft. Lighting is everywhere and it is the simplest and most reasonable way to bring internet of things into the office buildings. Exploring the market together with lighting leader Philips can not only accelerate the internet of things networking of LED Lights , but also develop the whole internet of things. 


Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=916