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The Future of a Facebook LED High Bay Enterprise? Who Knows.

Although the manufacturing industry is suffering, some manufacturing enterprises are still developing. The enterprise Facebook which is outside of the industry is now trying to enter, so there are no excuses for insiders to be self-pitying any more. For current led high baymanufacturers, the problems are simply homogenization and no profits in price battles. However, isn’t it basically due to lack of creativity? If the technology and creativity fail to catch up with industrial development speed, it will be hard for enterprises to launch new led lamps and to maintain and develop new market with same old products. If the market competitive power is weakened, any good markets will be ruined. Therefore,LED Lighting enterprises shall devote more on innovation on the fundamental products. Otherwise they will be too weak to defend risks.

The products to be made by facebook are currently not threatening forLED Lights manufactures, but if facebook really join the LED lights industry with the most advanced laboratory in history, would the domestic LED lighting manufacturers be able to compete with current technology? We shall all be sensitive about risks. Who knows someone may grasp your current market tomorrow? The future is always reserved for those who are prepared.


Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=1064