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Why Is Domestic Plants LED Lighting Development Going Slowly?

Up to this day, although LED Lighting in planting is widely applied and the cost has been reduced, this technology is somehow still too high for most customers. The high cost is one of the factors that are restricting the development of LED Lights application in plants, and the other two factors are technology deficiency and incomplete policies.

The first reason is the lack of core technology. The chips of LED plants lighting products in our country still rely on import. Besides, manufacturers of epitaxial wafer in chips are not willing to invest human power and resources on developing farm-oriented red light chips. It has hampered the development of domestic chips industry.

The support from the government is insufficient. Comparing with policies in other countries, these in China are still in the starting period of stipulation. Insufficient support from the government has led to lack of systematic research and promotion of the technology. Besides, the system of evaluation and measuring standards for plants lighting led lampsproducts is far from complete.

The essential position for agriculture and the development demand have provided new development opportunities for plants lighting LED lamps. With the increasing penetration rate of led high bay application, the future of this market is bright and promising.



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