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Can LED Lighting Change the Traditional Agriculture?


With the deepening of research on semiconductor, the technology of LED Lights manufacturing has been gradually improved and new materials have been developed. There are breakthroughs in LED Lighting technology which promoted the application of led technologies in the development of plants cultivation. After the successful invention of super bright led high bay, the application in the direction of plants cultivation is growing more popular.

The land utilization and agriculture method can be greatly changed with technology. According to different “preferences” for spectrum in plants, different led lamps can be used as a replacement light source of sunlight. Under 24 hours ongoing lighting, the maximum lighting effect of photosynthesis can be guaranteed. The environment elements such as temperature, humidity, lighting, circulation and nutrient solution in the plants factory can all be monitored automatically in real time.

Comparing with traditional planting pattern, the new method is high in land utilization rate, increased in nutrients and pollution-free. Currently the research is having effect on international gardening projects. With the ongoing progress on technology, planting vegetables with LED lighting in space has become highly efficient.




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