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How Can Domestic LED Semiconductor Enterprises Find Cooperation

For domestic LED Lighting enterprises, the investment for research and development is too large and the cost too high. Now there are some LED Lights enterprises are cooperating with agricultural research institutes. But they mostly cooperate in technical issues of led high bay; rarely do they reach the stage of experiment and application.

The bottlenecks for domestic plants and led lamps technology are small manufacturer size, small quantity of specialized enterprises and lacking of core technology. According to statistics, by the time of June, 2012, there were almost 40 LED plants lighting enterprises in China that had reached certain size. The areas with the largest LED plants lighting demand are respectively the central part, east part and north part of China which are relatively developed in agriculture and flower industry. However, the main LED plants lighting market is in abroad. The domestic demand is relatively smaller and still in the initial stage. There are still not many LED plants lighting enterprises in provinces such as Shandong and Henan.



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