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The Chaotic Phenomenon of Invented Names in LED Lights Industry


The abnormal market order has caused abnormal phenomenon in LED Lightsindustry. Some smart guys with ulterior motives will take advantage of the moment and grasp the so called “frontier” and “new tech hot spot”. They would try to seize substantial amount of fortune in the changing market environment and they’ve gotten all kinds of tricks.

One of their tricks is inventing all kinds of pretexts. There’s nothing wrong about double major business or diversity, the key is to be practical and to stick with the goal. However some are getting irresponsible by only playing with concept without actual technology. All they want is ideas and they think idea is money.

This year there comes the trend of changing names among LED Lightingenterprises, and some led lamps enterprises are probably just inventing pretexts. Affected by the current investment concept in the business circle, the led high bay enterprises think only some eye-catching business plans are needed. As long as they can make their market value seems bigger and reach out further with their financing department, there will always be some blind investors. If things continue this way, the LED display enterprises will change their names to “visual technology company” and it will be no longer strange for them to hit on Internet broadcasting.




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