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Judging LED Lights Brands from the Cooperation Between NVC and Tmall


With the application of new LED Lighting technology on lighting products, there are more and more led chips and light fixture integrated products. In recent two years, LED ceiling light are in a fast developing trend. Owing to the deepening concept of “Internet +” and the implementation of smart city and smart home, smart lighting products will be a new development trend in the future.

When NVC first started, it has used LED to saving more electricity on lighting. The convenience and comfort degree of LED Lights products are improved and LED flood lights applicable in indoor lighting are consecutively introduced.

NVC also devoted in integrated improvement of comprehensive improvement of quality, upgrading and replacement of products, increased comfort degree of lighting, product function, and smart operation. The comprehensive quality of products is further improved, and products are constantly upgraded.

From the cooperation between NVC and Tmall we can tell that NVC is gradually transforming from the competition of low component cost to the directions of brand, network and service. The high end brand image will be built and strengthened to improve international competitive advantage.




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