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The Integration of Future Virtual Reality and LED Display Technology

The strategic cooperation agreement of “virtual reality technology innovation and application” is going to integrate LED short distance display technology and VR technology. A platform with the core combined with cultural and scientific technology will be invested and operated in joint effort.

According to the introduction, the new generation of LED flood lightstadium display can achieve multiple display of virtual advertisement so that audiences watching different channels can all see the different advertisements on the stadium display. This will be a new development of VR technology in sports display.

By integrating high tech LED Lighting and double major business on sports, the development of main business has maintained in a stable speed. The wholly-owned subsidiaries have consolidated the supervision and increased the performance; at the same time, with continuous effort on sports resources development and marketing, the sales revenue in sports resources has increased significantly. The led high bay company is working on double major business of “LED Lights industry plus the Internet of Automobiles”. Last year, the company invested in the Internet of Automobile Technological Company and established an industrial fund.




Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com/product/led-high-bay.asp