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The Ecosystem for LED High Bay Lighting in Alibaba

The ecosystem in Alibaba is it’s free to open a store, and when there are many LED Lights sellers they will be charged. We can’t blame the platform for making profit, but the profit point in this platform is too cruel. Because the reality is if you don’t strive for a sell, customers cannot see your led high bay lighting products at all, so you can either fight for it or you sell with cheap prices.

For physical stores it’s easier for customers to identify the quality in led lamp s stores. But on Taobao it’s not the case, you can only see photos. Others sell LED flood light for only ten yuan and delivery free, and if you sell it at 50 or so, who will buy it? Does the customer actually know led chips? Do they know the material of lamp shade? It’s useless to say too much, unless you are big brands like OPPLE. The customers would say your products are the same, why is yours more expensive, I would just go to other stores.

So everybody just sell at low prices. And the sales strategies everybody use? Choosing LED Lighting key words, hiring professional photographers, making up sales volume and opening Direct Train service. When the sales volume and comments reach a certain level, the sellers will apply for other group selling activities. But, have they really earned money? Only hustle and bustle.





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