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The Challenge For LED Area Light Foreign Trade from Brexit


As part of the manufacturing industry, led area light industry was just about to welcome the best opportunity for overseas blue sea. However, the Brexit will shock the economy of EU and the world even, thus the foreign trade condition would be less favorable.

The change of currency will directly affect the whole international import and export industry. The cost of importing LED Lights products from Britain to China will be reduced, but the product revenue of LED lamp s exported to Britain will reduce largely as well.

The depreciation of euros will certainly cause fluctuation in international exporting trade. In the short term, the large depreciation of euros can impact the depreciation of RMB; while in the long term, China may be in a more favorable status in negotiations of Sino-Britain free trade agreement after Brexit.

The international market is crucial for Chinese manufacturing industry. Recently the distressed domestic sales conditions for LED Lightingindustry have driven them to invest in overseas market. In a short period the global economy will fluctuate after Brexit, and there will be greater challenges for led industry going abroad.





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