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LED High Bay Lighting Products Exporting to Britain

From the annual growth of led high bay lighting products exported to Britain, we can see that many investments from Chinese enterprises will be cut.

EU is the largest trading partner for China, and in EU Britain is the second trading partner to China next to Germany.

London has been the European financial center and all many financial and economic activities are done here. For the Chinese manufacturing industry, the Brexit will make it harder than before in building an international market. This is because the European market is already highly integrated and has formed a mature lamp s market model. Local LED Lightsenterprises have a tight cooperation with each other and they keep Chinese enterprises out of the door.

In this condition, many Chinese enterprises choose to enter the relatively loose British market first and then enter the European market basing on British market. Once Britain left the European Union, the enterprises that wish to enter European market through Britain will be blocked and thus Britain will lose many investments from Chinese LED lights enterprises.





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