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Sino-British Relationship is the Springboard for LED High Bay European Market


Recently, China is doing more LED Lights trade with British and have created more and more common economic interests. As a member of EU, British gradually turned into an important partner and supporter of China in order to achieve mutual benefits and interests. For instance, British had worked hard on persuading EU to recognize the market and economic position of China to help China achieving reduced custom for led high bay.

If this agreement worthy multiple billion can be signed successfully, it will bring large amount of orders for Chinese manufacturing industry and open up the European market. For Chinese led lamp s enterprises, there is huge market and growing LED Lighting market.

However, once Britain exited EU, the intangible cooperation link between China and EU will be broken. The application of former trade policies with EU will be more difficult and causing more sunk costs.

The international trade of China is based on the whole economic body. After Brexit, the Sino-Europe trade and Sino-British trade may be separated.


Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=1027