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Effects of Brexit on LED Area Light Industry

What effects is Brexit going to have on China’s manufacturing industry and most importantly the led area light industry? Is it going to be an advantage or disadvantage? Here we will analysis it from three aspects and show the effects on LED Lighting .

Since the announcement of “Brexit” referendum results, it has drawn public attention in the globe. The Independent published an article saying this referendum is the biggest damage to British political circle since 1920s. The vice president of Germany Gabriel commented on twitter, “This is the worst day for Europe.” America is also worrying that the Brexit will harm the investment in the country. It is predicted by the media that Brexit will have a tremendous effect on the global economy. After the announcement of public voting results, Chinese media such as CCTV has made specific analysis for the effect of Brexit on Chinese LED Lightsmanufacturing industry. It says there is not much direct impact from Brexit on Chinese economy, yet the chain effect cannot be ignored.http://www.elitesemicon.com/product/led-high-bay.asp





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