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Specialized Marketing in LED High Bay Market

Generally, the LED Lighting resources are concentrating no matter on the upstream link or middle stream link. The downstream link is facing the trend of concentration. However, with faster application change, the downstream transformation is also faster. Despite the fierce competition in lamp s application field, insiders think enterprises can do something on their marketing. Customer demand is different due to different location and target country. So specialized led high bay marketing can be made to target different demands. For example, some customers are quality oriented, while others are price sensitive. Through e-commerce platforms like Amazon can easily sell products to other regions and maintain a good profit rate at the same time.

Judging from the Asian Lighting Exhibition, niche areas such as smart LED lighting, plants lighting, UV LED are highly focused. The niche markets keep developing, so requirements keep changing along and technologies are improving. For instance, the application of UV in money detector is different from others. There are a lot to explore and many opportunities in niche markets.


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