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Growing Vegetables in LED High Bay Factories Is Coming True

n an LED Lighting factory, there are four stages of vegetable growth: seeding, growing seedlings, separating seedling and field plating. Actually, all these four processes take place in a special sponge. Under the sponge there are several types of nutrient solutions and above the vegetable there are led high bay light source and a “three in one” tube which contains cold air, carbon dioxygen and wind for the plants.

Carbon dioxide is the raw material for photosynthesis and it is three to four times more in the factory than in normal condition. In the plants factory, plants can grow without sunlight, and they can rely on LED lamplighting. The duration of lighting for plants is different in different stages. In the seedling stage, only 8 hours of lighting is needed. While at the growing stage, about 20 hours of lighting is needed to guarantee the efficient lighting and fast growth of plants.

Under such superior and safe environment, plants grow a lot faster. Vegetables may take 30 days from seeding to harvest in soil. However in plants factory, only 18 days are needed. Since the vegetables are grown in closed area, the insect pest diseases and heavy metal pollution can be avoided.



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