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LED Area Light Plants Factory in Chengdu, China

Without sunlight or soil, plants can be grown under accurately controlledled area light lighting, air, nutrients, temperature, humidity and dioxygen. Do you dare to taste vegetables grown in this “vegetable factory”?

In a normal house in Pengzhou, Chengdu, this local dude is giving the factory a try. Next month, his LED Lighting plants factory can produce about 150 kilogram vegetables which is green and chemical or heavy metal free.

Before entering the planting workshop, a shoes cover which is long enough to reach the ankle and a whole body protection suit are needed to keep disease and insect pests out of the door. There is an air shower facility at the entrance. Outside the door there are several displays and a PAD showing information inside the workshop like temperature, LED Lights , carbon dioxide density and so on. A technician says showing these information can provide the best growing environment for the plants.

This plants factory is like a big laboratory. The staff rolls the rows of LED lamp s up the growing plants and the green plants will show up right in front of you.


Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=1022