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Government Subsidy is Double-edge Sword for LED Area Light Industry

led area light subsidy is the capital or financial preferential measures for producers or exporters provided by the government or any public agencies. The measures include cash subsidy or other preferential policies which can place the LED Lights products in a more competitive place than those without subsidy.

Regarding the subsidy support provided by the government to LED lights enterprises, different people have different opinions. Some say the subsidy is good for the growth of local enterprises, while others believe the government should not intervene in the development of market economy. Actually the government subsidy is a double-edge sword for both the LED Lighting industry and the enterprises and it can support the development of the industry and enterprises to some extent.

In fact, the Chinese LED lighting market has been consistently growing in recent years. It is growing rapidly in a growth rate of over 30% annually. By the year of 2014, traditional light source products all drew back and the application penetration rate of LED lighting continued to increase; In 2015, due to the effect of global economy, LED lights industry entered the comprehensive transformation and integration stage at which the industrial growth rate is growing in a lower speed.



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