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The Evolution from Traditional Industry to LED High Bay New Industry

From traditional industry to led high bay new industry, it can be both an adventurous leap, and a remarkable evolution. Merely, such evolution may rely more on the courage and resourcefulness of the LED Lightingentrepreneurs and their judgment on economic and technological trends.

LED Lights new light source and new energy have been the most profound technology reform for the last decade.

Rome can’t be built in one day, and all the new industries can’t just rise from the level ground. According to American economist Walter Rostow, a polar industry can trigger new economic activities or derive new LED high bay industrial department and even set foundation for the next important leading industry. The Pearl River delta has become the largest LED lights industry cluster in China which has accumulated about half of all the enterprises.

In recent years, the domestic manufacturing industry is facing larger pressure than before. This has exerted pressure on traditional lamp s industry, and also provided new opportunities for technological innovative companies.


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