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Judging the Industrial Condition from LED Area Light Professional Town

A simple and plain LED street light may look normal from the appearance, but it has combined multiple functions such as automatic light sensing, WiFi, traffic monitoring, air quality monitoring and so on. If this type of led high bay integrated street light is intensively applied, then it’ll be very easy to build a big data system of the city.

The condition of LED Lights industrial cluster is the basic dimension from which we can observe the professional town. After being through the big economic tide, some of the industrial clusters in professional town Zhongshan are facing big difficulties. Meanwhile, more brand new polar industries are growing bigger. At this time when the economic drive is accelerating its transformation, new LED Lighting industries have already changed the industrial pattern of the professional town of Zhongshan quietly.

In the past decade, it’s not rare that some enterprises in Zhongshan have changed from traditional light fixture industry to new polar industry. The R&D of new light source for lamp s was only considered as the direction for strategic transformation of enterprises.


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