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Energy-saving and Eye-protection LED High Bay LED Table Lamp

LED table lamp s are energy-saving and eye-protection led high bay lamps designed for home environment. The 360 degree rotation design of lamp arm makes the LED table lamp convenient for customers. The LED lamps body is durable while small sized lampstand can save more space on the table.

Using an 8 wattage LED as light source, the table lamp can save energy effectively. With the slightly war color temperature of 4000 K, it can create a cozy LED Lighting environment. The 360 degree rotatable flexible arm design can allow lighting in any angle and light up any direction as the user want.

The switch is touch-enabled and has two grades available. The users can choose to light up 100% or 30% for different environment. The LED table lamps are ultraviolet or infrared ray free, and no mercury is contained inLED Lights . Moreover, the milk white appearance of the LED lamp is decorative and suitable for modern home lighting.


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