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The Micro-innovation of LED Display and LED High Bay

In the innovation field of led high bay LED display application terminal, LED transparent display has won a share of market owing to the brand new visual feeling and application experience. The scientific new display method and thin appearance design make it look high end. Standing in the creative niche market of LED Lighting , the LED transparent display has not only added to the category and display method of display screen products, but also brought numerous business opportunities to the advertisement and media market. Early in 2012, the market investigation agency Displaybank has published a report of Forecast on Technology and Market of Transparent Display in which it anticipated the output value of transparent display can reach 87.2 billion dollars by 2025. It is not doubt that as an up-rising star in LED display, LED transparent display has a bright future.

The principal of the LED transparent display is actually a micro-innovation to strip light display. Through targeted improvements upon SMD technique, light fixture beads encapsulation and control system, the transparency is greatly improved with a hollowed out structure design.


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